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The Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue Great Streets Project will enhance the aesthetic beauty of the Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue corridor with extensive infrastructure improvements. The project, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) includes a reconstructed roadway and new sidewalks, traffic signals, streetlights, and trees. DDOT has also incorporated many environmentally friendly features in the design to address stormwater management, water quality, energy consumption, “urban heat island” effect, and tree coverage.


The “Greening”

The environmental elements of the project are funded in part by a joint grant from FHWA and the EPA under the Green Highway Partnership. The grant includes funds for water quality monitoring during and post construction to show the project’s success is reducing the run-off of pollutants into Watts Branch and the Anacostia River. Howard University will conduct the water quality monitoring. In addition, DDOT will install 5 bioretention cells, 12 bio-tree box filters, three hundred (300’) feet of porous concrete, and plant a net increase of seventy-three new trees.


Neighborhood Feel

The project also includes many enhancements that will make the corridor safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue will be reconfigured with a single lane in each direction for traffic calming, and DDOT will add continuous sidewalks, curb extensions (also known as bulb-outs) and bicycle lanes.

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